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Sclerotherapy is a treatment that involves the injection of a solution into unwanted varicose, spider or reticular veins. The solution is injected directly into the blood vessel and causes the treated vein to disappear. Due to current government regulations, the solution cannot be named.

The veins most commonly treated by sclerotherapy are the small blood vessels on lower legs. Larger vessels can also be treated. Multiple treatments are often required, and new vessels may develop in already treated areas. Some areas may also benefit from adjuvant laser treatment.

Prior to treatment, an assessment of your lower leg veins by a Doppler or Duplex ultrasound may be required. The ultrasound examines both superficial and deep veins of the legs so that vessel incompetency of the valves and reversal of flow can be diagnosed and then treated prior to sclerotherapy treatment. These abnormalities need to be correct prior to sclerotherapy treatment.

To know whether sclerotherapy is suitable for you, and to discuss the procedure, side effects and costs involved, please call Dr Banky’s rooms on 03 9519 9500 for a consultation.

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